Big news…time to share.

Six years ago to the month I landed here in Southeast Asia expecting to stay for a few months as an exchange law student. Funny thing – I never really left. This place has a way of seducing travelers. After law school, I joined a regional law firm based in Singapore where I practiced as a foreign legal advisor in Singapore and Vietnam. Then, after a few years, I joined a multi-billion dollar private equity firm before moving on to help run a boutique publishing house called The HUNT Guides. This eventually grew into one of the loves of my life – Gatehouse Publishing.

Along this wild journey I traveled to numerous countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka…), making great friends and partners across the globe, eating some of the most wonderful cuisine in the world (including delightfully obscure treats such as tiger penis whiskey, braised dog, pig uterus, whale tongue…the list continues). I motorcycled across rural Indonesia and Vietnam with my close friend. Helped countless entrepreneurs in Singapore develop their business ideas through organizations such as House of Genius and 9others. And have really made Singapore home. It’s truly one of the best countries on earth. I could extrapolate on this last point for hours. Try me.

And the best part…I have been insanely fortunate to meet and fall in love with the woman I hope to share my life with. She is the best part of my day. Every day.

So, with that said – I’m making it official. We’re moving back to America on January 20, 2015! A new adventure begins.