In 2013, over a fabulous Japanese dinner with friends in Frankfurt, Germany, a conversation began that wouldn't end until 2016. During multiple toasts of sake, one person asked 'Why hasn't anyone created a book about sake that tells the real story of this amazing alcohol?'. No one had an answer. It seemed incredulous that few had tried to pursue the backstory of sake in published form. But the truth remained. Over the course of the dinner, we discussed what the ultimate sake book would contain. And by the end of the meal, I agreed to make it. I brought on Elliot Faber, one of the most talented Japanese alcohol experts in Asia. Together we brought on Hayato Hishinuma, one of the best people I know and certainly an expert in all things Japan. We brought on Jason Lang, a renowned documentary photographer, who put his blood, sweat and tears into this project. Miwako Suzuki, Gatehouse's art director joined the team and together, along with the entire staff of Gatehouse Publishing we got cracking. During the Spring of 2014, I took a team to Japan for three weeks (Elliot, Hayato, Jason, Miwako and myself) to collect content on the world's most historic, generational sake breweries. We toured 75 breweries which we include in this epic book. It was a herculean effort on everyone's part. But what we've created should stand the test of time. It was an honor to work with this team. 乾杯! Read More:Foodism UKSouth China Morning PostHypebeastDestinAsianAfar Magazine